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When talking to people about what my role involves as a civil celebrant I include funerals. I know many celebrants feel this is not for them but I believe it is an honour to participate in celebrating and acknowledging another's life and achievments.
I am very aware of how difficult death can be for family and friends and the enormous grief that is being experienced.

I am a compassionate person who has experienced the joys and sadness life can present and because of this I have an empathy for people which I believe qualifies me to be a voice for them at such a time.

We've all been to funerals which have been so irrelevant to the deseased you wondered if you are in the right one!!! Or funerals which sound so familiar because the only difference to the last one you attended is the name of the deceased.
Many people are unaware that they have choices when it comes to the person conducting the ceremony, the location and the style of ceremony.

When a loved one passes away the first port of call is usually the funeral director and because people are in shock they often leave all the choices up to them. This may work out but so many times I hear people say the service did not reflect the the person being honoured.

I offer a personal service where I will spend time with you to talk about your loved one and discover their likes, achievements, passions and create a ceremony that will reflect and honour them. I believe our passing should be a CELEBRATION of the life we have had - be it a short or a long one.

Funeral Ceremonies can take many forms these days :

  • Graveside
  • A religious service in a church
  • Religious or civil ceremonies at a funeral home.
  • Memorial service without the presence of the coffin. This may take place anywhere you choose ie a home, a park, a beach, a hall, the bush or somewhere significent to the deceased.
  • Private cremations, ( which may be followed by)
    • Scattering of ashes at a location that is significent to the deceased
    • Outdoor celebrations which may include music, dance, poetry, speeches, photo boards etc

Anything goes really


The way to guarantee your departure is as you would want it - is to organize yourself and write it in your will!!

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