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Renewal of Vows

Much as I love being the celebrant at a wedding it is always very special to be with a couple who are renewing their vows.

" Love is in the air!" because no one would do this unless they were seriously in love and in there for the long haul!

Last year while I was on a painting trip in Tuscany I had the privilege of writing and conducting 3 renewal of vows. One couple had been married for 43yrs, another 33 and the 3rd for 14. What a location..what a celebration!!

The atmosphere at a renewal is warm and there is a sense of calm and satisfaction at what has been achieved in the years of marriage. Often adult children are involved, original bridal party members and friends gathered along the way . Sometimes people like to "elope" and go somewhere private, intimate, special only to themselves....... whatever you feel is appropriate to celebrate this occasion I'm sure I can adapt and write a ceremony to suit!

When writing renewal of vows there is no "legal requirements" so the ceremony can be written from scratch to make it exactly how you would like it. It can be long ,short, elaborate, simple and can be held in any location.

A Renewal of Vows Celebration usually comprises :

  • An introduction welcoming the guests and containing a personal history of the couple
  • An explanation and information on why the couple chose to renew their commitment.
  • There can be any amount of readings, poems, prayers said either by the celebrant, the couple or family and friends.
  • The renewed vows written by the couple, making them meaningful and personal, are then spoken (some may wish to do this part privately to each other)
  • Symbolism may take the form of ring exchange, candle lighting or any other symbolic gesture that the couple would like to include.
  • Affirmations from their children or friends to continue in their support of the couple in their marriage.
  • A conclusion that summarises the celebration and future of the couple.

A Party to follow!!

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