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FAQ's - Getting Married

What age do you have to be to legally marry?

The legal age limit in Australia is 18 years of age. 

What documents are needed?

You will need to supply me with both Birth Certificates, if born in Australia. If previously married and divorced we need a copy of, Decree Absolute of Divorce. If you were previously married and widowed we need a copy of the Death Certificate.
 These documents must be originals or Certified Copies – NOT PHOTOCOPIES !

How do I know which celebrant to choose?

You need to "connect"... then anything is possible !!!
Talk with the person you are considering to marry you as they play such an important role . Both of you need to be comfortable with one another and ensure you are on the same page re the style, length and content of the ceremony.

When do I need to choose my celebrant?

I would suggest, as soon as you have decided on your wedding date and have secured the venue, your next stop should be your celebrant.
Legally you have to fill in the Notice of Intended Marriage between 18 and 1 mnth before your ceremony but that does not restrict you from booking a celebrant earlier.
Most bookings ensure you will have the date and time for your ceremony, and can be made with a deposit and the balance paid 2 weeks before the ceremony.
If you do not book a celebrant early the chances are you will have to take whoever is left which may not be your preferred choice.
Also don't be guided by the price as it is the same as most areas in life "you get what you pay for"

We are not religious so does the ceremony run any differently?

No the ceremony will still require the celebrant to say the legal "bits" as required by the Attorney General ie the Monetum and vows .This can be seen in more detail under Legal Requirements.
The rest of the content is entirely up to the couple be it religious or secular.

What are the must dos during the ceremony to make it an official marriage under Australian law?

Please refer to Legal Requirements

Do you provide everything needed for the ceremony? i.e. sound equipment, signing table, certificates of marriage to sign etc?

All paper work will be supplied before and at the ceremony.
I have a PA system which has microphones, cd player and ipod connection.
I can provide a signing table.

How far do you travel from your South West address?

I am available to travel anywhere if other bookings permit . For no extra cost I will travel within a 40kms radius of Dunsborough . After that distance, travel costs may be incurred.

If you were to describe what type of personality you are as a celebrant what would that be? Do you provide formal and informal marriage ceremonies ?

My personality is sincere, creative and fun loving. I have a genuine interest in people of all ages and backgrounds and am therefore confident I could reflect the style required by the couple be it formal or informal.

What do we as Bride and Groom need to prepare before the big day?

Yourselves !!
With regard to the ceremony the couple are required to supply legal docs as stated in Legal Requirements.
They usually supply copies of any readings, poetry or music which is to be incorporated into the ceremony. I have many resources and can help if you are stuck.

Do you run through the wedding rehearsal with us?

I provide as a part of my service, a rehearsal either at the location or at a venue agreed upon by both parties. If distance is over 40kms return from Dunsborough a travel cost may be incurred.

Do you lodge the marriage certificates?

My services include lodging the paperwork within a week of the ceremony

How long before the ceremony do you arrive?

I will arrive no later than 20mins before the ceremony.

How long do your ceremonies take?

As the ceremony is the most important part of the wedding day I suggest couples put some thought into the length and content of the ceremony. You don't want it to be over too quickly as it is such an important part of your day and sets the tone for your whole celebration.
A ceremony can be as short as 8-10 mins from wo to go if there are no readings or personal vows to be said.
Most ceremonies last about 20-30 mins from the processional to the end and that would include 1 or 2 readings and added vows.

Can we get married just the two of us, or do other people need to be present?

No, there needs to be at least two witnesses present who are over the age of 18. You do not need to know could be the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker !!

If we want, can we get married tomorrow?

Typically you must give 30 days notice of intended marriage. However, there may be an exception to this rule called a Shortening of Notice . But it is up to the discretion of The Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

If my divorce is not finalised, but I want to re-marry can I file a Notice of Intention to Marry?

Yes, you can file the notice of intention to marry. However, you cannot get married until you have provided a copy of Decree Absolute of Divorce

We are coming to Australia for a holiday and we want to get married there, it this legal? Will it be recognised in my own country?

Yes this is legal and it will be recognised in your own country providing you are over the age of 18, have two witnesses present and have all the appropriate paperwork. You will have to have a registered translator if documents are not in English. This includes the Notice of Intended Marriage given to me 30 days prior to your marriage. You can mail this to me from overseas. It is also advisable that you check with your own country's rules and regulations to double check the marriage will have validity.

Can two people of the same sex marry?

No. It is not legally recognised in Australia for homosexual partners to marry. However, you can have a Commitment Ceremony which is a great way to express your love for one another.

What happens to the balance of our payment if the wedding is cancelled?

If you cancel your ceremony three weeks prior to the final payment, then the final payment does not have to be made . However, the deposit is non-refundable.

What if I want to change my name after the wedding?

Some women who marry choose to change their surname to their husband's surname. This is done as a matter of custom and not of law.

A Standard Marriage Certificate is usually sufficient evidence to have personal documentation, such as your driver's licence and passport changed to your married surname.

Some women however do wish to formally change their name with the Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages. It's simply a matter of choice.

If you decide to change your surname to your husband's name the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) and the Passport Office need to view your official Standard Marriage Certificate issued by the Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages.

The RTA and Passports Office will not accept the issued by the Marriage Celebrant on the day of the marriage, as it does not contain security features and can be easily reproduced. It also does not contain the full details of the parties to the marriage such as parents' names and dates of birth.

This policy, set by the RTA and the Passports Office, is to prevent the opportunity for drivers' licences and passports to be fraudulently obtained.
Please note that you should first check with the RTA Office and the Passports Office to determine their specific requirements.


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